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Have You Seen TAN?
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"Lips" and TAN in airbrushed jumpsuits
Paul keo Michael Tancredi Doguals Branson
WMMR Hall of Fame Rock and Roll Rally

"Have You Seen TAN?" the independent rockumentary film by Filmmaker Douglas Branson. The film is in the final shooting / post production stages, and will be entered (and the trailer) in a festival soon. The film exhibits life happening in the late eighties and early nineties, for a group of up and coming artists; musicians and performers, on South Street, in Philadelphia PA. The airbrush artist Michael Tancredi (aka TAN) and his large portraits of Hollywood greats, and entertainment figures, is the main focal point. Sadly he was killed in a car accident, with Albert Calanzi on Halloween nite 1991, at age 29. The bulk of the raw footage was shot on location by dB in Philadelphia during this time. It is racy account of a decade that went by like a long crazy weekend. Yep it was Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll, with ART and Music 24/7. It had its price, lost brain cells, lost loves, loss of sleep, reputations, and lost friends. It is the intent of the film to show and tell it like it was, and create interest in popular art culture for TAN's work and life. If you knew TAN and have a story, and care to be interviewed, please contact me as soon as you can to discuss a time frame.

Michael Tancredi aka TAN Douglas Branson
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Michael D. Tancredi
Michael Tancredi aka TAN
South Street Philadelphia, circa 1988

"Have You Seen TAN?"

Douglas Branson in the editing studio

Me in the Studio editing the film.


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