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Music Merch

My Approach, Method, preparation. Private label biz to biz (scroll down).

CD and DVD packaging is now done by everyone who does duplication. Mastering, Design, all services etc. Many of these places and staff designers do really great work(REALLY great work). I like to think I bring something else to your musical package. I won't cookie cutter designs for your music. It is a good idea to start the process of deciding what your package will be long before the final recordings and mixes are done. Take pictures of the sessions, keep your doodles on your song lyrics, gather gig photos, growing up pix, think of having me extract stills from video, have a friend who knows you supply a drawing. This is your music and deserves the best. Especially since you will live with the first 1000 copies till they are gone(hopefully quickly), and are competing with more and more independent artists. Your logo, CD, and banner, may be 1 inch by 1 inch on the web, will they click on it? I am the finisher and will get it ready for whoever is doing your duplication(we can also do it for you). I also often just do the CD cover and back artwork. I supply one offs thru the approval process and delivery of proofs via the internet, and thru the mail so you can walk away from the computer and share them with others for feedback and approval.

My Job is to create Unique and Visually exciting packages that promote artists, musicians, and filmmakers. Doing so by making it readily apparent what their spirit, style, and genre is. Often I am using content people supply, and manipulating digitally, graphically etc, and all the while listening to the tracks on the CD. I also have a stable of virtual artists who have designs ready to go or can design in the style you need.

My Goal is to help "create your buzz." I like to feel that my insight and your communication works to get something that has you and your band's energy and spirit, along with the music. Music is life with harmony. Be it loud and in your face, or subtle and sublime, it moves everyone.


Clicking Car takes you to video screening room of musicpix and multimedia please go back after viewing to graphic design.

Preparation 4 Work: Graphic, Audio, And Video is Task and Project Specific.

1.) Itemize What you have and Number of pictures, are they digital or need to go in the mail to be scanned. We like to start with highest resolution at all times.

2.) Where are the graphics, audio, video, photos going, web, CD, DVD, print, email, video?

3.) Sizes needed in inches, file Size, and dpi (dots per inch 72k web / email)(300dpi print)

4.) Final Formats You require: TIF, PICT, PSD, JPG, PDF, MOV, SWF, MP3 etc

5.) Log your Lyrics, Tracks, Tapes: VHS, Mini DV, Cassette, DAT, Adat, CD

The more I know the more accurate
my quote will be.

Duplication: CD / DVD / Media: Design Proofs, Printed on Media with all specifics and details, are supplied for approval process until finalized. Note: the proofs are done on inkjet in RGB and on white disks. The actually printed product will vary slightly in color (commercially printed in CYMK) on specified paper (sheen / weight), and on disk print method. A 10% over run is never a bad idea for ruling out margin for error in large runs. Payment is due prior to duplication.
Accepted orders are placed / shipped.


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Click Here to download Video Log Sheet (PDf 600k)

Model Release Form (52k pdf)

"Under The Hood" or "Private Label Business to Business Services."
4 Content Creators and Webmasters.

I do not have a lot of the work I do in my on-line portfolio(20 years where would I start?)...My clients aesthetics are often quite different. So I respect that and always find out from the start if I can use work to promote my services or if I am supplying work as a private outsourced partner. I am your virtual designer and creative department who can drop zipped files of logo, image, and picture variations, while you are working on other areas of your project. Privacy and protection of clients content and images, is of the utmost importance to us. I store files for clients during projects and on an ongoing basis as required, but encourage clients to have me forward hard copies of completed work to them, so I can remove from my server and hard drives.

So what's my best stuff ??? You Tell Me! It should be yours when completed. "I LOVE the CREATIVE process - going from your imagination to finished product, I work and devote my attention to realizing your vision. I have a talented team of in house and out sourced partners with whom I share track records of successful collaborations.


Clicking Car takes you to video screening room of multimedia
please go back after viewing to graphic design.








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