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Music Merch

Filmed on location www. tripegstudios.com
The HOT new DVD from Hit Songwriter/Producer Bobbi "FUNKEEBOY"Tammaro.

Songwriting That Gets RESULTS !!! (Run Time 60mins)
WHO Should Buy THIS DVD ?

Songwriters who want to drive their Songwriting to another level. This includes seasoned ones who need some inspiration, rekindle the spark, or re-align for the current market. Artists who want to experience Bobbi's insights, expertise, and enthusiasm. You will enjoy the energy of the people and songwriters who were participating in the workshop as they performed, interacted, and wrote songs together. This interactive program is easy to follow and allows you to participate in the songwriting exercises right along with the workshop attendees.

Filmmakers, people who do workshops, and organizations who host workshops This is an example of how to provide information at a happening, capture it on film and audio, edit it into a compelling program, capture testimonials of people who were there, package it, and sell it.

Anyone who wants informative, interesting and fun entertainment about the songwriting process. People who want Bobbi to do a workshop.

Included Lyric writing & melody exercises are thoroughly explained to help clarify, inspire, & educate you to the Do's & Don'ts of writing songs for increased exposure and to widen your audience. BONUS CD and Helpful Tips Sheet.

Hit songwriter & producer Bobbi "Funkee Boy" Tammaro
takes you on a journey into his creative world of songwriting. Bobbi reveals the many secrets & concepts that he utilizes to write and produce International Top-15 hits, as well as, writing songs for television and film.

The songwriting exercises and concepts in this program can be applied to songs in all genres of music. It doesn't matter if you are writing Pop, R&B, Rock, Latin, Adult Contemporary, Country, Jazz, off Broadway Musicals etc. This program will add to your songwriting skills.
"The Buzz" What People
are saying about it.
(12MB QuickTime)

DVD is only $29.95
shipping included
to USA and Canada. International add $15.00
includes BONUS CD
and Helpful Tips Sheet.

ships in 3-7 days.


Notes from dB+1: This was filmed at TRIPEG Studios at The Global Entertainment and Media Summit. http://www.gemsconnecticut.com
I had the pleasure of attending as a songwriter, camera operator/interviewer, and friend of Bobbi. I thank all the attendees who granted an interview, and Bobbi for making this available as a tool for all songwriters. I am pleased to offer it and know you will find it very informative, entertaining,
FUN to watch and a great addition to your DVD collection.








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