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Music Merch

A Digital Press Kit (CDROM or DVD)
utilizes a multimedia and cost effective approach
to promote you, your skills, art, music, products,
services, and business.

New and coming soon
rich media PDF newsletters, and downloadable mailers
with graphics, audio, and video.

DIGITAL CONTENT / Bios / Resume / Photos / Artwork / Articles / Press / Videos / Interviews / Music/Audio / Interviews / Lyrics/Writing / Virtual Tour - 360 / Slide Show / Video / A "Detailed Company Profile" with Products and or Services.

Increase Your Visiblity!!!

Artists, Musicians, Performers, Studios, Photographers, Writers, Galleries, Realtors, New or Existing Products, Services, or Businesses, need effective promotion and publicity that strikes a chord; connects the dots.

Photos, Articles, Videos, Press, Music, Audio Interviews will be at the fingertips of the people you send your interactive CD to. Organized and supplied in cross platform (pc and mac) compatibility, your audience/viewer will have what they need in high resolution without having to log on and download your content from the web. They are great for people who do not have a website, or as a tool to drive "more traffic" to your site.

Digital Press Kits cost much less than traditionally printed materials. We work with you to pick a packaging solution that will be effective in targeting your market, and encourage people to pop your disk in.

Points to consider before you contact us for a quote: number of items?

News/Articles: pages needed to be scanned Photos/Artwork/Logos: needed to be scanned (or are they already on disk). Need re-touching or cropping.
DVD, VHS and DV tapes: Logged for footage to be included, editing/titles/logos required.
Music, Songs, Audio Interviews, Lyrics: Digital on CD, on tape, need converting to mp3, typed in WP application.

Formatted Information: JPG, PSD, PDF, DOC, AIF, WAV, MP3, MOV, MPEG4, AVI, SWF, etc.

Pre-Production (preparation and planning) is critical and the most important aspect of digital media. This determines the production and post production time and costs.








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