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* Production companies, producers, directors, independent filmmakers, documentary filmmakers, video journalists, and theater groups: Need a camera crew or additional camera and people on location? We are one of your resources in NYC and North into Connecticut, for camera people, equipment, editing, sound mixing, graphics, and production. We also have contacts and resources in Philadelphia, and love working in our home town.

* Professionals, and independent filmmakers: We offer the "fly on the wall" technique to capture and document you working, making your art. Camera Man Documentary Filmmaker Douglas Branson.

* Editing and Sound Mixing: Non-linear in Final Cut Pro. We work with you to achieve desired results, using our people, facilities, and (depending on the scope of your project) additional resources, to supply the format you and your clients require.

* Audio: Digidesign Protools with many 3rd party plugins. We can supply your production with live music, original music, and our library of sound effects(also sound effects made 2 order).

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* Design: We can generate high resolution logos, graphics, and eye catching, ready for retail or web, package designs for your DVDs and CDROMs.

* Duplication: We offer competitive rates. Rates are determined according to format, quantity, and type of packaging. We use our facilities, local, and national industry resources.

* We are available for transportation. Two mini vans that seat 13 total, plus space for equipment.

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