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Douglas Branson Resume CV 2013 (343k pdf)

* Graphic Artist * Photographer * Musician * Performer * Voice-Over Artist * Filmmaker *
Editor * Producer * Creative Director

Exit 4 Multimedia Group was founded by Douglas Branson in 2002.  Douglas  is a graphic designer, photographer, filmmaker, editor, and performer and has worked in Philadelphia, NYC, and Connecticut producing multimedia since 1984. A graduate of The Art Institute of Philadelphia and a screenager, beginning with the first macs and pcs, he started his career in advertising and publishing. Later studying and working in Audio and Video Production, he built his own professional home recording and midi studios as he performed in the late 80s and early 90s. He has designed and built sets, operated cameras, done on location sound, produced short promotional films and commercials. His special strengths are creative thinking, using a variety of digital media to vision shape and implement ideas. His photoshop image preparation and formatting skills are used by other production companies in Commercials, Documentaries, and Films. He loves the process of teaching digital fluency and enhancing skill sets in both young and old, especially helping with use of social media and the internet for promoting the arts, people, products, services, and ideas.
He takes pride in helping businesses and people achieve their goals. To achieve his own, he completed the construction of his studio in 2002, 4 years after moving from Philadelphia to Connecticut. He is digitally fluent in both Mac and PC operating systems & computers. He continues to perform, make films, and provide specialty services for clients, through this company. His strongest skills and achievements continue to emerge while working with creative teams as a "Creative Catalyst."

Favorite Phrase "Ideas and Creativity are the currency of the future"

The guy behind the company

My Mission:
To continue to Create, Produce, Package, Distribute, New Media Information and Entertainment through Internet Radio & Television; Print Media. Produce, package, and distribute Music and Films on CDs and DVD media. Oversee ongoing development of youth culture entities, products, and sales of merchandise through web marketing; advertising.

Many People use my services including:
Artists, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, authors, galleries, production companies, music management, publishers, ad agencies, and web designers. I have a portable production studio to provide on location graphic design, audio, and video production/post-production; training.

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