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This website features the work of
Artist Larry Charles Coultrip (1938 - 1998).

I contend there are no laws or rules for designers which can be absolute. Instead, the designer may find the philosophy which he or she conceives for the designing to be one which moves in any orbit.

The design orbit may be controlled by many changing factors, and the factors themselves may change with time. Therefore, I challenge a designer who believes his(hers) philosophy to be pat. In our society values today may change tomorrow simply because of the advance in scientific developments. In turn, the new offerings of science affect attitudes toward design. The designer cannot be static; he(she) must keep pace; he(she) must move. I feel the changing pace to be life blood for a designer."
1961 Larry C. Coultrip

Photograph by Kitt Daone, Kodak International Newspaper Snapshot Awards, Special Merrit Award Winner. Exhibited at Epcot Center, 1987

Larry and His Cat. Digital image 2004 Age Olde

South Kent CT 06785-0215, USA